​​Ag Education​

​​The Solano County Farm Bureau Ag Education Foundation was recently established in August of 2015. It serves the purpose of promoting agricultural education by hosting coloring contests, providing scholarships, participating in the National Agriculture Week and some Farm Worker/Owner Trainings.


For some time, the SCFB has been working on a 501c3 non-profit origination.  As a result of those endeavors, the Solano County Farm Bureau Ag Education Foundation was formed.  This is an exciting step for SCFB as the Foundation will be able to do things that the Bureau cannot. 

The Foundation is its own entity and will focus on education.  This includes, but is not limited to, Ag in the Classroom, scholarships, field days, worker safety training, and increasing awareness and understanding of agriculture.

As members of SCFB, you understand the importance and the role of agricultural in our day-to-day lives.  You understand why it is important for others to recognize and learn of this role, especially the rising generation.  Therefore, we think you too will see the value the Foundation has to offer.

Like most organizations, we are in need of help.  Funding is currently our biggest hurdle, and we are asking that you make a tax deductible, charitable donation from $25-$100.  However, we appreciate any amount you are able to donate.  We also hope that you would ask your neighbors who are not Members of SCFB to donate.  We believe that they too would be interested in supporting the Foundation as it is something anyone in the Agricultural community will see the value.

Lastly, we are also looking for those who would like to volunteer or who are interested in participating on the Board.  We know there are many in our community who have much to offer on this front.  To donate, please use the tag on this paper and send it in.  For those interested in volunteering or being on the Board, please contact Sean Favero at 916.872.5484 or Lisa, the Executive Manager for SCFB 707.449.8044.

We hope for a great future for the AG Education Foundation and know it can do much good in our community.  Thanks in advance for your help and time.

The Foundation Board of Directors

Every Seed Grows Into Something Amazing……
Solano County Farm Bureau Ag Education Foundation
300 Main St A, Vacaville, CA 95688

Solano County Farm Bureau Ag Education Foundation Tax id # 47-538334

Scholarship & Grant Programs

The Solano County Farm Bureau is offering three l Scholarships for the
2019-20 Academic year. There will be one $1,000 and two $500 scholarships awarded to high school students or undergraduates wishing to pursue a career in agriculture or an agricultural related field whose hometown is in Solano County.
The deadline to submit your application is April 27, 2018. Below is a link provided to view/download the application.

​​The Solano County Farm Bureau also offers many great recources for high school senior students and college students wishing to pursue a career in agriculture. 

​​Annual Coloring Contest

The Solano County Farm Bureau hosts an annual coloring contest for the third graders in Solano County to help increase awareness of agricultural education. We host an ice cream party and bring along a farmer from our county for the winners of the contest. The children are always delighted to enjoy ice cream while having their curious questions answered by the farmer. 

Ag in the Classroom

Out of 3,523 high schools in California, only 317 of them offer FFA programs. Solano County is home to 33 high schools, and only four of those schools partake in FFA programs. National Ag Week (March 18-25) is a time to recognize, appreciate, and promote the importance of agriculture by collaberating with producers, agricultural associations, universities, and many others. For more information on National Ag Week and Ag in the Classroom, visit California Agirculture in the Classroom . Provided is a link for a grant program that the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom provides to support organic K-8 classroom projects that is available to download here